Infrastructure Services


Control Room Designing & Implementation

We, at Persistent Network, house experienced control room designers where we find your needs.

What we offer?

  • Super proof plans looking at the available spaces.
  • Design development based on the consulting plans.
  • We bring the designs to life with our visualization feature.
  • Project implementation is always the last stone to set.
  • Guidance throughout the process – from concept to conceptualization.
  • We combine cutting edge technology, innovative thinking and use of finest materials available in the market.

IP CCTV Surveillance

The surveillance technology is becoming challenging every day and so is the safety. We replace the obsolete and analog technologies with dynamic and automated technology for higher level of safety, as we know it is vital for you. VL Access addresses the security needs of small, medium and large enterprises through implementing industry specific solutions.

We offer customers with different types of CCTV products and systems such as:

  • Fixed & PTZ Cameras
  • Network Video Recorder
  • Network Cable
  • Display Monitor

Network Site Survey, Planning & Designing

Everything you need to know about network site survey – VL Access is the stop for you. We offer the best solution to comprehend the radio frequency (RF) environment where your network is deployed. What you get is a great network coverage, high capacity and sufficient data rates for applications, improved QoS (quality of service) and so on. Human needs are unlimited and so is our service.

We work in parallel with our clients in planning and designing for further optimization of locations of access points or spot the areas of concerns.

Network Management & Connectivity

Persistent Network offers solution for industrial network management functions. Because we understand that only hardware is not vital for functioning of powerful industrial networks. The second virtal thing is the scalable software to meet the network needs.

Benefits at glance:

  • You achieve complete transparency in network
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Increased activity speed and flexibilit
  • Advanced security
  1.  LLDP, LACP, PVST, Spanning Tree Protocols
  2.  IPVx Static and Dynamic Routing, OSPFv2
  3. OSPF Default Route Advertisements
  4. EIGRP and IPV6 Sttic / Dynamic Routing Controls
  5. First Hop Redundancy Protocols

IP Services Configuration

We chalk out the complete IP Configuration task map that involves host configuration for local file modes, setting up network configuration server, host configuration for network client mode and specifying router for network client. We offer switches to route IP traffic between the VLANs. We offer the following services:

  • IP forwarding on out-of-band Ethernet interface and in-band Fibre Channel interface
  • IP routing
  2. DNS, SNMP, Logging
  4. LAN switching Technologies
  5. WAN Technologies

Network Security

Persistent Network ensures effortless working of your organization without any hindrance in the network by enabling safe operations. The network security offered by us includes access control, Firewalls, application security, VPNs, Behavioral Analytics, Intrusion Prevention System and wireless security.

  • Remote Access VPN
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection
  • DHCP Snooping
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)

Network Testing

Persistent Network helps you find the needle in the hay stack just by applying innovative technology, which previously required several days to detect the error source. Here are the steps we follow for network testing:

  • Narrowing the search for errors: A quick glance is all it takes to spot the errors in the applications and ensure that the system runs trouble-free.
  • Using specialized diagnostic software for detailed troubleshooting.
  • Eliminating the error: We work our magic on removing all the glitches and get your network back on track.

WI-FI Services

With users expecting an immersive experience coupled with IoT which are built on emerging technologies. Immersive experiences on mobile are becoming the new normal. With the explosion of IoT, everything is connected wirelessly. In hospitals, lifesaving medical equipment is connected, in retail robots are restocking shelves while manufacturing is connecting heavy machinery, in the corporation VIPs can enter a room and have a personalized experience.

We boost operational efficiency and help transform the business models by increasing tapping IoT solutions.


Structured Cabling

We design and install cabling system supporting multiple hardware uses. We give new dimension to office building and campus telecommunications cabling infra. We offer different structuring for different cabling needs, which is based on:

  • Architecture of the cabling installation room,
  • Cabling products
  • Functioning of the system
  • Type of equipment used in the cabling installation and so on.

Structured cabling typically include: entrance facilities; vertical and horizontal backbone pathways; work area outlets; telecommunications cabins; equipment rooms; cross-connect facilities; multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA); transition points; and consolidation points.

Optical Fiber Solutions

Hyper connectivity is happening now and networks need to go hyperscale! The world needs a ‘fibre edge’ to create smarter networks! Deep fiberisation is the answer to the digital imperative that we face.


  • Highly accurate and repeatable data over a long period of time
  • Solutions for intrusion detection like manhole, hatch and doorway access control devices, fence mounted perimeter security system, PDS monitoring, linear and rotary position sensors and so on.
  • Immune to electrical interference.
  • No environmental degradation.
  • Multiplicity for redundancy
  • No requirement of booster amplifiers and much more.

Video Conferencing Solution

Now you have the freedom to work from anywhere with our video conferencing solutions. We help you connect with the team members as long as you need it in a real-time world.

  • Uninterrupted conversation calls
  •  50+ security features that prevents you getting video-bombed.
  • Well integrated with Google, Microsoft Teams, Slack and more.
  • Unlimited rich calls
  • AI sets your scene
  • Concert view meetings