IT networking encircles the technologies, practices, and protocols used to connect computers and other devices within a network and help communicate with each other in a particular circle.

Training and placements

1. IT Job Training

Our company tries hard to make the professionals skillful and knowledgeable enough by providing them with proper IT training to pursue their careers and stand out in the job markets by competing with their prospective competitors.

2. NOC Engineer Training

NOC Engineer training program at PSNPL prioritizes making the professionals comfortable throughout the core of the large computer networks and servers for jerks of centralized location and satellites. The program of Hands-on IT Training denotes the submission of the participants directly affiliated with technology, equipment, or software applications in a practical, experiential manner. 

3. Practical IT Skills Training

Our hands-on Practical IT Skills Training places a strong emphasis on experiential learning through assignments and projects. Engaging with real-world challenges equips you with invaluable experience, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle the complexities of your future career. 

4. Systems Engineer Training

Our System engineering training is designed to equip individuals with the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of developing, integrating, and managing systems proficiently which will further help them to stand out in the job market.

         5. Real-world IT Projects

Real-world IT projects provide invaluable opportunities for professionals to apply theoretical knowledge, hone practical skills, and demonstrate their ability to deliver tangible results that contribute to organizational success.

        6. IT Training with Placement

In PSNPL we are sure to cover all the evolutions of IT networking as much as we provide Advanced IT and network training. Our all courses are designed and we are pledged to provide 100% jobs and placements with the right designation.

         7. Industry-Relevant IT Courses

PSNPL provides Industry-relevant IT courses that are about leveraging technological advancements and best practices to drive efficiency, innovation, and success within specific sectors, ensuring that IT solutions are not only effective but also tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the industry landscape.

        8. Network Infrastructure Training

In the growing world of IT networks, PSNPL provides network infrastructure training, network engineering training for network administration, system engineering, and cybersecurity. It prepares individuals to manage and optimize network environments effectively, supporting the seamless operation and communication needs of modern businesses and organizations.

   9. IT Sector Skills Development

PSNPL is committed enough to provide a splendid level of training for the development of skills in the It sector which will help to develop skills in the It sector.

  10. Latest IT Technologies Training 

In the growing world of the It technology era, PSNPL always makes efforts to make upgrades in the IT technologies to match the level of the latest IT technologies.

PSNPL is committed to keeping professionals updated with the latest IT technologies, equipping them to compete effectively in their fields and secure their careers against competitors, and helping them for a secure future by working on their practical skill training as much as offering them 100% job vacancies.